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GSA Teletalk Com BD Result 2024 | Govt School Admission Result

The Govt School Admission Result 2024 has been announced on 28th November 2023. The Govt School lottery result can be found on the GSA Teletalk Com BD website. Students can check their govt and non-government school lottery results from here.

Today, the GSA Lottery Result 2024 has been published. The Govt and Non-Government school admission lottery has been held on Tuesday at 11.00 am. The GSA result 2024 can be checked by logging into the GSA Teletalk Com BD website in the Lottery result section with a User ID. The Govt school Admission lottery result will be published on 28 November 2023 at 11.00 am.

We will share with you the GSA Teletalk Com BD govt school lottery result checking process. We will provide you with all the important applications and result links with the required instructions. So, let’s read the full article so that you don’t miss any important portion.


GSA Teletalk Com BD Result 2024

Like every year in 2024, the application process for admission to government and private schools will start. Students will be admitted in different classes in the academic year 2024 in government secondary schools across the country including Dhaka city. No admission form will be distributed from the school in case of student admission. Admission application is available online only at

Govt School Admission process:

Online application for admission to government and private schools across the country will start from 24th October 2023 and will continue till 18 November 2023.

  • GSA Online Application start: 24th October 2023 at 11 am.
  • GSA Online Application ends: 18 November 2023 at 5 pm
  • GSA Admission Result: November 28, 2023 (Declared)
  • Application Fee: BDT 110 TK
  • Payment Process: By sending an SMS from Teletalk Prepaid SIM
  • Maximum Selection of School: Five

As in the previous year, this year all the schools will admit candidates through an integrated lottery. Also, there will be no quota for the Board of Admissions. He will not be able to take the admission test in any government or private institution.

Students will apply and be selected through a lottery in class one. GSA Teletalk Com BD Applications will close on 18 November 2023 and the Government School Lottery will be held on 28th November 2023.  After the government school lottery on November 18, the private school lottery will be held on November 28, 2023.

  • The government School Lottery will be held on 28 November 2023
  • Non-government school lottery will be held on 28 November 2023

Note that 44 government secondary schools (including 3 feeder branches) of Dhaka city will be divided into 3 groups.

GSA Teletalk Result 2023 – Check Now

After completing the full application process for Govt School Admission 2023, the GSA Teletalk Com BD Result 2023 will be published on 28 November 2023. Applicants/Guardians can download their results from the GSA Teletalk Com BD website login with User ID and PIN.

  • Visit website.
  • Click here to see the Merit list
  • Click here to see the Waiting list
  • Login with a User ID
  • If applicants lose their user ID and PIN, they can recover it by sending an SMS from Teletalk Prepaid SIM.
Govt School Admission Result 2024Non-Govt School Admission Result 2024
Merit ListMerit List
Waiting ListWaiting List

GSA Result 2023 via SMS

GSA Teletalk Com BD Admission results can be checked through mobile SMS. However, it should be noted that the GSA result can be obtained by only the Teletalk Prepaid mobile operator.

Type- GSA<space>Result<space>User ID

and send the message to the 16222 number to get your GSA Teletalk Com BD Result 2023.

Conditions of GSA Application:

 A candidate can select a maximum of five schools in the same group in order of preference at the time of application. Also, applicants across the country will get the list of police stations based educational institutions during the selection of institutions at the time of application. In this case, candidates can select a maximum of 5 schools per application in order of preference based on availability.

It should be noted that in the case of the organization of a double shift if both shifts are selected, two selection sequences will be considered completed. The same choice of school or shift cannot be chosen a second time.

GSA Teletalk Apply 2023

GSA Teletalk Com BD online application has been started on 24th October 2023 at 11 AM and finished on 18 November 2023 at 5 PM. If you are looking to get Govt School Admission Circular, you are absolutely in the right place. The GSA admission application fee for the 2024 academic year is fixed at Tk 110 which can be paid through Teletalk Prepaid Mobile SMS only. 

Application form should be filled out from Then complete the following steps. The category should be identified.

  • The division has to be selected. Select the division in which you wish to take admission from the displayed division. 
  • The district has to be selected. Select the district in which you wish to take admission from the displayed district. 
  • Thana or Upazila should be selected. Select the Thana/Upazila in which you wish to take admission displayed Thana or upazila. 
  • Shift must be selected. You have to select the shift you want to get admission.  There will be two shifts morning shift and day shift.
  • Select the version. Between the English version and the Bengali version, the one you want to take admission in has to be selected.
  • Class selection. Students have to select the class they wish to take admission in.
  • Choose your gender.
  • Upload a scanned photo (300X300 pixel) in JPEG version.
  • Save the application form by pressing the submit button. 
  • After submitting the application form, candidates will get an Applicants copy with the User ID,
  • Reserve the user id for further requirements.

Through this process, the gsa teletalk com bd application form fill-up can be completed. To confirm your GSA application, you should pay the application fee by following the steps which is given below.

Govt School Admission 2023

How to Pay the GSA Application Fee?

Only the Application fee can be deposited from Teletalk pre-paid number. The application fee of Tk 115 has to be submitted through SMS.

1st SMS:

GSA<space>User ID (GSA XXXXX) and send this message to the 16222 number.

After a while, applicants will get a return SMS from the 16222 number with PIN number and application fee details. Then send the Second SMS.

2nd SMS:

GSA<space>YES<space>PIN (GSA YES 134579) and send this message to the 16222 number.

BagerhatBagherhat sadarBagerhat govt. girls’ high school3,6
BagerhatBagherhat SadarBagerhat govt.high school3,6
BagerhatFakirhatMulghar govt. high school6,7,8,9
BagerhatFakirhatSyed moholla khodeza khatoon govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
BagerhatMollarhatBagherhat Sadar6
BagerhatMorolgonjMorolgonj govt. girls’ high school6,7
BagerhatRampalGilatala govt. multilateral secondary school6,7,8,9
BandarbanAlikadamAlikadam govt high school6,9
BandarbanBandarban sadarBandarban govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
BandarbanBandarban sadarBandarban govt. high school6,7,8,9
BandarbanLamaLama govt. high school6,8,9
BandarbanNaikhangchhariSaleh ahammad govt. high school6
BandarbanRoangchhariRoangchhari govt. high school6,7,8,9
BandarbanRumaRuma govt. high school6,9
BandarbanThanchiThanchi high school6,7,8,9
BargunaBarguna sadarBarguna govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
BargunaBarguna sadarBarguna zilla school6,7,8,9
BargunaBetagiBetagi govt. pilot high school6
BargunaTaltaliTaltali govt model secondary school6,7,8,9
BarisalBarisal sadarBarisal govt. girls’ high school3
BarisalBarisal sadarBarisal zilla school,barisal3
BarisalBarisal sadarShahid arju moni govt. secondary school3
BarishalAgailjharaGovt. goila model secondary school3,4,6,9
BarishalBabugonjBabuganj govt. pilot high school6,8
BarishalBakhergonjBakergonj govt. girls`secondary school6,7,8,9
BarishalBarisal sadarBarishal govt. model school and college3
BarishalGournadiGovt. gournadi pilot high school6,7,8,9
BarishalHizlaGovt. sanghati pilot model secondary school6
BarishalMuladiMuladi govt. mahmudjan model secendary school6
BarishalUzirpurGovt. w b union model institution6,7,8,9
BholaBhola sadarBhola govt. girls’ high school3,6,7,8,9
BholaBhola sadarBhola govt. high school3,5,6,9
BholaDaulatkhanDaulatkhan govt. boys’ high school6,7,8,9
BholaDaulatkhanDaulatkhan govt. girls’ high school6
BholaTozumuddinChandpur govt. high school6,7,8,9
BholaTozumuddinFajilatunnesa govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
BograAdamdighiShantahar harve govt. girls’ high school6
BograBogra sadarBogra govt. girls’ high school3
BograDhunutDhunat government naim uddin pilot model high school6,7,8,9
BograDhupchachiaDupchanchia govt. pilot model high school6
BograGabtoliGabtoli govt. girls’ high school6
BograKahalooKahaloo model high school6,7,8,9
BograNandigramNandigram model pilot high scholl6,7,8,9
BograShajahanpurGovernment chanchaitara-madla united high school3,4,5,6
BograShariakandiShariakandi govt. high school6
BograSherpurSherpur govt. d.j model high school6,7,8,9
BograShibgonjShibganj govt. pilot model high school, shibganj, bogura.6,9
BograShonatolaGovt. sonatola model high school & college6,7,8,9
BrahmonbariaAshugonjGovernment hazi abdul jalil high school6
BrahmonbariaBrahmonbaria sadarAnnada govt. high school1,6
BrahmonbariaBrahmonbaria sadarGovt. model girls’ high school1,6
BrahmonbariaBrahmonbaria sadarSabara sobhan govt. girls’ high school1,3,6
BrahmonbariaKashbaKashba govt. girls’ high school6
BrahmonbariaKashbaKashba govt. high school6,9
BrahmonbariaNabinagarNabinagar govt pilot high school6
BrahmonbariaNasirnagarNasirnagar govt. girls’ high school6,9
BrahmonbariaSarailSarail annada govt. high school6,7,8,9
ChandpurChandpur sadarChandpur govt. technical high school6,7,8,9
ChandpurChandpur sadarHasan ali govt. high school6
ChandpurChandpur sadarMatripith govt. girls’ high school4,6,7,8,9
ChandpurHaimcharHaimchar govt. girls’ high school6,7,8
ChandpurHaimcharHaimchor govt. boys’ high school6,7,8,9
ChandpurKachuaKachua govt. pilot high school6,7,8
ChandpurKachuaKachua shahid sriti govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
ChandpurMatlabMatlab j.b. government pilot high school6,7,9
ChandpurMatlab uttarChhengarchar govt. model high school6
Chapai nawabganjBholahatBargachhi high school6
Chapai nawabganjChapai nawabgonj sadarHarimohan govt. high school6,8,9
Chapai nawabganjChapai nawabgonj sadarNawabgonj govt. girls’ high school3,6,9
Chapai nawabganjGomastapurRohonpur a.b. govt. high school6
Chapai nawabganjNacholNachole k. m. govt. girls’ high school6,7,8
Chapai nawabganjShibgonjShibgonj model govt. high school6
ChattogramBashkhaliBanskhali government girls high school.6
ChattogramBoalkhaliKadhurkhil govt. high school6
ChattogramChittagong metropolitanChattogram government model school & college5,6,7,8,9
ChattogramFatikchhariFatickchari coronation govt. model high school6
ChattogramHathazariHathazari parbati high school6,9
ChattogramRanguniaPomra bangabandhu government high school6,7,8,9
ChattogramRowzanRaozan ramgati dhar, ramdhan dhar & abdul bari chowdhury model govt. high school6
ChittagongChittagong metropolitanBakalia govt. high school5,6,7,8,9
ChittagongChittagong metropolitanChittagang govt. girls’ high school5,6,9
ChittagongChittagong metropolitanChittagang govt. high school5,6,7
ChittagongChittagong metropolitanChittagang collegiate school5,6,7,8,9
ChittagongChittagong metropolitanCity govt. girls’ high school5,6,7,8,9
ChittagongChittagong metropolitanDr. khastagir govt. girls’ high school5,9
ChittagongChittagong metropolitanGovt. muslim high school5,6,9
ChittagongChittagong metropolitanHaji muhammad mohsin govt. high school5,6,9
ChittagongChittagong metropolitanNasirabad govt. high school5,6,8,9
ChittagongPatiyaAbdur rahman govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
ChittagongSitakundaSitakunda govt. ideal high school6
ChuadangaChuadanga sadarChuadanga govt. girls’ high school3,6
ChuadangaChuadanga sadarVictoria jubilee govt. high school. chuadanga3
ComillaBaruraBarura govt. girls’ high school6
ComillaBrahmanparaVogoban govt. high school6,7
ComillaBurichangBurichong ananda pilot govt. high school6
ComillaChowddagramChouddagram hazi jafor ali govt. pilot model high school6
ComillaComilla sadarComilla zilla school5,6
ComillaComilla sadarNawab faizunnesa govt. girls’ high school3,6
ComillaDaudkandiBegum amena sultan govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
ComillaDebidharDebidwar reaz uddin pilot model govt. high school6
ComillaHomnaHomna pilot govt. high school6,7,8
ComillaLakshamLaksam govt. pilot high school6
ComillaMuradnagarD.r. pilot govt. high school6
ComillaSadar dakhinCumilla shikkha board govt. model college6,9
ComillaSadar dakhinGovernment laboratory high school6,7,8,9
Cox’s bazarChakoriaChakoria govt. boys’ high school6
Cox’s bazarChakoriaChakoria govt. girls’ high school6
Cox’s bazarCox’s bazar sadarCox’s bazar govt. girls’ high school6,9
Cox’s bazarCox’s bazar sadarCox’s bazar govt. high school6,9
Cox’s bazarKutubdiaKutubdia govt. girls’ high school6
Cox’s bazarMaheshkhaliMaheshkhali govt. girls’ high school6
Cox’s bazarUkhiyaUkhia government multilateral high school6,8,9
DhakaKeranigonjShakta high school6,7,8,9
DhakaMohammadpurGovt. mohammadpur model school & college.3,6
DhakaSavarSavar adhar chandra govt high school6
Dhaka mohanagarBangshalArmenitola govt. high school3,4,6
Dhaka mohanagarBangshalNew govt. girls’ high school3,6,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarBhashantekBhashantek govt. secondary school6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarBimanbandarBangamata sheikh fazilatunnesa muzib govt. secondary school6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarDarussalamDarussalam government secondary school6,8
Dhaka mohanagarDemraHazi m a gofur govt. secondary school6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarDhanmondiDhanmondi govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarDhanmondiDhanmondi kamrunnessa govt. girls’ high school3,4,5,6,9
Dhaka mohanagarGandariaNarinda govt. high school1,2,3,4,5,6,7
Dhaka mohanagarGulshanGovt. kalachandpur uchcha madyamic bidyalaya6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarHajaribagShahid sheikh rasel govt. high school6,7
Dhaka mohanagarKadamtaliShyampur govt.model school and college1,2,3,4,5,9
Dhaka mohanagarKamrangir charSheikh jamal govt. secondary school6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarKhilgaonKhilgoan govt. high school1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarKhilgaonKhilgoan govt. high school (feeder)1,2,3,4,5
Dhaka mohanagarKotwaliDhaka collegiate school2,3,4,5,7
Dhaka mohanagarLalbagAzimpur govt. girls’ school and college1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarLalbagLalbagh govt. model school & college1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarMohammadpurGovt. jamila ayeenul ananda biddalay & college1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarMohammadpurMohammadpur commercial institute govt. secondary school6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarMohammadpurMohammadpur govt. high school1,2,3,4,6,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarMohammadpurMohammadpur govt. high school (feeder)2,3,4,5
Dhaka mohanagarMotijheelMotijheel govt. boys’ high school & college1,6,9
Dhaka mohanagarMotijheelMotijheel govt. girls’ high school3,6,9
Dhaka mohanagarNew marketGovt. laboratory high school and college1,2,6
Dhaka mohanagarRupnagarGovernment rupnagar model school and college1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarRupnagarRupnagar govt. secondary school6,8
Dhaka mohanagarSabujbagSobujbag govt. high school6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarShah aliMirpur govt. high school3,5,6
Dhaka mohanagarSher e bangla nagarDhanmondi govt. boys’ high school1,4,6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarSher e bangla nagarDhanmondi govt. boys’ high school (feeder)1,2,3,4
Dhaka mohanagarSher e bangla nagarGonobhaban govt. high school1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarSher e bangla nagarSher e bangla nagar govt. boys’ high school1,3,4,5,6
Dhaka mohanagarSher e bangla nagarShere bangla nogor govt.girls’ high school1,3,6
Dhaka mohanagarShyampurJurain shekh kamal government high school6,7,8
Dhaka mohanagarSutrapurBangla bazar govt.girls’ high school1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarSutrapurDhaka government muslim high school5,6,7
Dhaka mohanagarSutrapurIslamia govt. high school3,4,5,6,7,8
Dhaka mohanagarTejgaonGovernment science high school, tejgaon, dhaka2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarTejgaonShahid monu mia govt. high school2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarTejgaonTejgaon govt. girls’ high school3,4,5,6
Dhaka mohanagarTejgaonTejgaon govt. high school3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarUttar khanUttarkhan govt. secondary school6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarWariNawabpur govt. high school2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Dhaka mohanagarWariTikatuli kamrunnesa govt.girls’ high school4,5,6,7
DinajpurBirampurBirampur govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
DinajpurBirgonjBirgonj govt. girls’ high school6
DinajpurBirgonjBirgonj govt. pilot high school6
DinajpurBirolBiral pilot model high school6
DinajpurBochagonjSetabganj govt. pilot model high school6
DinajpurDinajpur sadarDinajpur govt. girls’ high school3
DinajpurDinajpur sadarDinajpur zilla school3
DinajpurHakimpurBanglahili govt. girls’ high school6,9
DinajpurKaharoleRamchandrapur model pilot high school6
DinajpurNawabgonjNawabgonj m l pilot high school6,7,8,9
DinajpurParbotipurGovt. bangabandhu high school6,7,8,9
FaridpurAlphadangaAlfadanga arifuzzaman model pilot high school6,7,8,9
FaridpurBhangaBhanga govt. pilot high school6
FaridpurBoalmariBoalmari govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
FaridpurCharbhardrasonRokonuddin govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
FaridpurFaridpur sadarFaridpur govt. girls’ high school4,6
FaridpurFaridpur sadarFaridpur zilla school4,6
FaridpurNagarkandaM.n. academy (model school) nagarkanda6
FaridpurSadarpurBegum kazi jebunnessa govt. girls’ high school6
FaridpurSadarpurBishwa zaker monjil govt. high school6
FeniChagalnaiyaChhagalnaiya govt. pilot high school6,9
FeniDagonbhuiyaAtaturk govt. model high school6
FeniFeni sadarFeni govt. girls’ high school3,6,8
FeniFeni sadarFeni govt.pilot high school6,7,8
FeniFulgaziFulgazi pilot high school6,7,8,9
FeniSonagaziSonagazi md saber model pilot high school6,7,8,9
GaibandhaFulchhariFulchhari govt. pilot high school6,7,8,9
GaibandhaGaibandha sadarGaibandha govt. boys’ high school6,7,8
GaibandhaGaibandha sadarGaibandha govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
GaibandhaGobindogonjGobindaganj govt. m.l. high school6,8,9
GaibandhaPalashbariPalashbari s.m model pilot high school6,7,9
GaibandhaShundorgonjAmena govt. girls’ high school, shundorgonj6
GaibandhaShundorgonjShundorgonj abdul majid govt. boys’ high school6,9
GazipurGazipur sadarJoydebpur govt. girls’ high school6,7
GazipurGazipur sadarMozida govt. high school6,7,8
GazipurGazipur sadarRani bilash moni govt. boys’ high school6,7,8
GazipurKaliakoirJatir pita bangabandhu govt. high school6,7,8,9
GazipurKaligonjKaligonj govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
GazipurKaligonjKaligonj r.r.n. pilot govt. high school4,6
GopalganjGopalganj sadarBinapani govt. girls’ high school6
GopalganjGopalganj sadarS.m. model govt. high school6
GopalganjKotaliparaKotalipara union institution6,7
GopalganjMaksudpurSaber miah jasimuddin(s.j)model high school3,4,5,6
GopalganjTongiparaBangabandhu sriti govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
GopalganjTongiparaGimadanga tongipara govt. high school6
HobigonjAzmirigonjAjmirigonj amalgamaterd bir charon pilot model high school, birat6,7,8,9
HobigonjBahubalDinanath institution satkapon govt. model high school6
HobigonjBanichangBanichang govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
HobigonjBanichangL.r govt. high school6,7,8,9
HobigonjChunarughatRajarbazar govt. high school6
HobigonjHobigonj sadarB.k.g.c govt. girls’ high school3,5,6,7,8,9
HobigonjHobigonj sadarHobigonj govt. high school3,5,6,7
HobigonjLakhaiBamoi high school6,7,8,9
HobigonjMadhabpurGabindapur govt. high school6
HobigonjNabigonjNabigonj j.k. model high school6
JamalpurBakshigonjBakshigonj ulfatunnesa govt. girls’ high school6
JamalpurDewangonjDewangonj govt. high school6
JamalpurJamalpur sadarJamalpur govt. girls’ high school1,6
JamalpurJamalpur sadarJamalpur zilla school3,6
JamalpurJamalpur sadarNandina m.h.k. govt. high school6,7,8,9
JamalpurMadargonjBalizuri rowshon ara govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
JamalpurMelandahMelandah govt. girls’ high school6,7,9
JessoreAvoynagarNoapara shankerpasha govt. secondary school6
JessoreJessore sadarJashore shikkha board govt. model school and college3
JessoreJessore sadarJessore govt. girls’ high school3
JessoreJessore sadarJessore zilla school3
JessoreKeshabpurKeshabpur govt. pilot higher secondary school6
JessoreManirampurManirampur govt. girls’ high school6
JessoreManirampurManirampur govt. pilot high school6
JhalokathiJhalokathi sadarGovt. harachandra girls’ high school3,6,8,9
JhalokathiJhalokathi sadarJhalakati govt. high school3,4,5,6,7,8,9
JhalokathiNolchhitiGovernment nalchity merchants’ secondary school6
JhenaidahHarinakundaHarinakunda govt. secondary girls’ school6
JhenaidahJhenaidah sadarJehnaidah govt. high school3,6,8
JhenaidahJhenaidah sadarJhenaida govt. secondary girls’ high school3,6
JhenaidahKaligonjGovt. naldanga bhushan pilot secondary school6,7,8,9
JoypurhatAkkelpurAkkelpur government fazar uddin pilot high school6,7,8,9
JoypurhatJoypurhat sadarGovt. joypurhat girls’ high school6
JoypurhatJoypurhat sadarRamdeo bazla (r. b) govt. high school6
JoypurhatKalaiKalai moyen uddin govt. high school6
JoypurhatKhetlalKhetlal govt.pilot model high school & college6,9
JoypurhatPachbibiL.b. pilot govt. high school6,7,8,9
JoypurhatPachbibiP.n.m govt.girls’ high school6,7,8
KhagrachhariDighinalaDighinala govt. high school6
KhagrachhariKhagrachhari sadarKhagrachari government high school6
KhagrachhariKhagrachhari sadarKhagrachari govt. girls’ high school6,9
KhagrachhariMahalchhariMohalchari high school6,7,8,9
KhagrachhariManikchhariRani nihar debi govt. high school6
KhagrachhariMatirangaGuimara govt. model high school6,7,8,9
KhagrachhariPanchariPanchari government model high school6,7,8,9
KhagrachhariRamgarhRamgarh govt. high school6,7,8,9
KhulnaDakopeChalna bazar govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
KhulnaDaulatpurGov. daulatpur muhsin secondary school6,7,8,9
KhulnaDighuliaSenhati govt. secondary school6
KhulnaDumuriaDumuria govt. girls’ high school6
KhulnaFultalaFultala govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
KhulnaHarintanaDeldar ahmed government secondary school6
KhulnaKhalishpurKhulna govt. model school and college3,4,5,6,7,9
KhulnaKhanjahanaliGovt. laboratory high school3
KhulnaKhanjahanaliK.d.a khanjahan ali govt. high school6
KhulnaKhulna sadarGovt. coronation secondary girls’ school3
KhulnaKhulna sadarGovt. iqbal nagor secondary girls’ school3,6,7
KhulnaKhulna sadarGovt. model high school khulna3,6
KhulnaKhulna sadarKhulna zilla school khulna3
KhulnaLabanchoraSalah uddin yousuf govt. secondary school6
KhulnaPaikgachaPaikgacha govt. girls’ high school6
KhulnaRupshaKazdia higher secondary school6
KhulnaSonadangaKhulna govt.girls’ high school3
KishorgonjBajitpurBajitpur razzakunnesa (r.n) govt. pilot girl’s high school and college6,7,8,9
KishorgonjHossainpurHossainpur model pilot school and college6
KishorgonjItnaGovernment mohesh chandra model shiksha niketon6,8,9
KishorgonjKarimgonjKarimganj pilot high school6
KishorgonjKatiadiKatiadi pilot model high school6,7,8,9
KishorgonjKishoregonj sadarKishoregonj govt. boys’ high school6,8
KishorgonjKishoregonj sadarSaraju bala govt. girls’ high school. kishoreganj6,8
KishorgonjKuliarcharKuliarchar pilot model high school6
KishorgonjMithamoinTomija khatun govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
KishorgonjNikliNikli g.c pilot model high school6,7,8,9
KishorgonjPakundiaPakundia pilot model high school6
KishorgonjTarailTarail pilot model high school6
KurigramKurigram sadarKurigram govt. . high school6,7,8,9
KurigramKurigram sadarKurigram govt. girls’ high school3,5
KurigramNageswariNageswari govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
KurigramRajarhatRajarhat govt. girls’ high school6,7,8
KurigramRajibpurRajibpur govt model pilot high school6
KurigramUlipurUlipur govt. girls’ high school6
KushtiaBheramaraGovt. bheramara secondary girls’ school6,9
KushtiaKushtia sadarKustia govt. girls’ high school3
KushtiaKushtia sadarKustia zilla school3
KushtiaMirpurMirpur govt. girls’ high school6
LalmonirhatAditmariAditmari girija sankar model school and college6
LalmonirhatHatibandhaHatibandha s s model high school6,8,9
LalmonirhatKaligonjTushbhander ramoni mohon memorial govt. high school6,7,8,9
LalmonirhatKaligonjTushvandar nasaruddin govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
LalmonirhatLalmonirhat sadarBangladesh railway government children park high school6,7,8,9
LalmonirhatLalmonirhat sadarLalmonirhat govt. girls’ high school1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
LalmonirhatLalmonirhat sadarLalmonirhat govt. high school1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
LalmonirhatPatgramDahagram govt. high school6
LalmonirhatPatgramHujur uddin govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
LuxmipurKamalnagarHazirhat govt. millat academy ( high school)6,9
LuxmipurLuxmipur sadarLakshmipur govt. girls’ high school6
LuxmipurLuxmipur sadarLuxmipur adorsha samad govt. high school6
MadaripurKalkiniKalkini govt. pilot high school6
MadaripurMadaripur sadarDonovan govt. girls’ high school4,5,6,7,8
MadaripurMadaripur sadarUnited islamia govt. high school3,4,5,6,7,8,9
MadaripurRazoirRajoir gopalgonj k.j.s pilot model institution6,9
MaguraMagura sadarMagura govt. girls’ high school6
MaguraMagura sadarMagura govt. high school6
ManikgonjDaulatpurDaulatpur govt. promoda sundoree high school6
ManikgonjGhiorBaniajuri union govt. school & college6,7,8,9
ManikgonjHarirampurPatgram anathbandhu govt. high school6,7,8,9
ManikgonjManikgonj sadarManikgonj govt. high school6,8
ManikgonjManikgonj sadarS.k. govt. girls’ high school3,6,7,8,9
ManikgonjSaturiaSaturia govt. adarsha pilot high school6,9
ManikgonjShibaloyShibaloy pilot govt. high school6,8,9
ManikgonjSingairSingair govt. high school6
MeherpurMeherpur sadarMeherpur govt. girls’ high shcool3,4,5,6,7,8,9
MeherpurMeherpur sadarMeherpur govt. high school3,4,5,6,7,8,9
MoulvibazarKamalgonjকমলগঞ্জ সরকারি মডেল উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়6
MoulvibazarMoulvibazar sadarAli amzad govt. girls’ high school6
MoulvibazarMoulvibazar sadarMoulavibazar govt. high school3,6,9
MoulvibazarRajnagarShaheed sudarshan govt. high school6,8,9
MoulvibazarSreemangalSreemangal govt. girls’ high school6,8,9
MunshigonjGazariaGajaria pilot model high school.6
MunshigonjMunshigonj sadarA.v.j.m. govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
MunshigonjMunshigonj sadarK.k. govt. institution6,7,8,9
MunshigonjSreenagarSreenagor govt. sufia a. h. khan girls’ high school6
MymensinghBhalukaBhaluka govt. girls’ high school6
MymensinghFulbariaFulbaria government model pilot high school6
MymensinghFulpurPhulpur pilot model govt. high school6
MymensinghGaffargaonGaffargaon islamia government high school6
MymensinghGaffargaonKhayrullah govt. girls’ high school6
MymensinghGouripurGouripur rajendra kishor sar. high school6
MymensinghIswargonjIshwarganj bisweswari government pilot high school6
MymensinghMymensingh sadarBangladesh railway govt high school3,4,5,6,9
MymensinghMymensingh sadarBidyamayee govt. girls’ high school4
MymensinghMymensingh sadarGovernment laboratory high school, mymensingh1,6,7
MymensinghMymensingh sadarMymensingh zilla school3,6
MymensinghNandailChandipasha govt. high school6,8,9
MymensinghTarakandaBakshimul govt. high school6
NaogaonAtraiAhsan ullah memorial model high school6
NaogaonBadalgachhiBadalgachi model pilot high school6
NaogaonMohadebpurJahangirpur govt.girls school and college6,7,8,9
NaogaonNaogaon sadarNaogaon govt. girls’ high school1,3,9
NaogaonNaogaon sadarNaogaon zilla school , naogaon3,6
NaogaonNiamatpurNiamatpur govt. bohumukhi model high school6
NaogaonPatnitalaNazipur govt. model high school6,7,8,9
NaogaonShapaharSapahar govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
NarailLohagaraLohagara govt. pilot high school6
NarailNarail sadarNarail govt. girls’ high school3,4,5,6
NarailNarail sadarNarail govt.high school3,4,5,6
NarayangonjAraihazarAraihazar pilot model high school6,7,8,9
NarayangonjBandarHaji ibrahim alamchan model school and college6,7,8,9
NarayangonjNarayangonj sadarI.e.t govt. high school6,7,8
NarayangonjNarayangonj sadarNarayangonj govt. girls’ high school6,8,9
NarsingdiBelaboBelabo pilot modern govt. model high school6,7,8,9
NarsingdiMonohordiMonohardi government pilot model high school6
NarsingdiNarsingdi sadarBrahmondi kamini kishor moulik govt. high school, narsingdi1,2,4,6,7
NarsingdiNarsingdi sadarNarsingdi govt. girls’ high school2
NarsingdiPalashCharsindur mult. govt. high school6,7,8,9
NarsingdiRaypuraGovt. adiabad islamia high school & college6,7
NarsingdiShibpurShibpur govt. pilot model high school6,7,8,9
NatoreBagatiparaBagatipara pilot model high school6,7,8,9
NatoreLalpurKarimpur govt. high school6
NatoreNaldangaNaldanga high school6,7,8
NatoreNatore sadarNatore govt. boys’ high school3,6
NatoreNatore sadarNatore govt. girls’ high school3,8
NatoreShingraShingra damdama govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
NetrokonaAtparaBaniajan c.t. high school6,7
NetrokonaBarhattaBarhatta c.k.p pilot high school6,7,8
NetrokonaDurgapurDurgapur govt. girls’ high school6
NetrokonaDurgapurM.k.c.m. pilot govt. high school6
NetrokonaKanduaJoyhori sprai govt. high school6
NetrokonaMadanJahangirpur tohura amin govt. pilot high school6
NetrokonaMohanganjMohanganj pilot govt. high school6,8
NetrokonaNetrokona sadarAnjuman adarsha govt. high school6
NetrokonaNetrokona sadarNetrakona govt. girls’ high school4,6
NetrokonaPurbadhalaPurbadhala j.m. pilot high school6,9
NilphamariDimlaDimla govt. girls’ high school6
NilphamariDimlaDimla rani brindarani govt. high school6
NilphamariDomarDomar govt. girls’ high school6
NilphamariNilphamari sadarNilphamari govt. girls’ high school5,6,7,8,9
NilphamariNilphamari sadarNilphamari govt. high school6,8,9
NilphamariSaidpurSaidpur govt. science college6,8
NilphamariSaidpurTulshiram govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
NilphamariSaidpurবাংলাদেশ রেলওয়ে সরকারি উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়।6,8,9
NoakhaliBegumganjBegumganj govt. pilot high school6,7
NoakhaliChatkhilChatkhil govt. girls’ high school6,7,8
NoakhaliChatkhilChatkhil panch gaon govt. high school6,7,8,9
NoakhaliCompanigonjBasurhat a.h.c. govt. high school6
NoakhaliCompanigonjMaksuda govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
NoakhaliHatiyaHatiya town govt girls high school6,7,8,9
NoakhaliHatiyaOskhali k.s.s. govt. high school6,7,8,9
NoakhaliKabirhatKabirhat government model high school6
NoakhaliNoakhali sadarNoakhali govt. girls’ high school5,6,7
NoakhaliNoakhali sadarNoakhali zilla school5,6
NoakhaliSenbaghSenbagh govt. girls’ high school6,7,8
NoakhaliSenbaghSenbagh pilot govt. high school6
NoakhaliSonaimuriRubirhat bangabandhu govt. high school6
NoakhaliSubarnacharShahid joynal abedin government model high school6
PabnaAtghariaAtghoria govt. high school6
PabnaBeraBera government bipin bihari pilot high school6
PabnaBhanguraGovt. bhangoora union high school and college6
PabnaChatmaharChatmohar govt. rcn & bsn model pilot high school6,9
PabnaFaridpurBanwarinagar govt. c. b. pilot high school6
PabnaIshwardiGovt. sara marwari model school and college6
PabnaPabna sadarKrisnapur govt. girls’ high school6,8
PabnaSanthiaসাঁথিয়া সরকারি পাইলট মডেল উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়6
PanchagarhAtwariAtwari pilot girls high school.6,8
PanchagarhBodaBoda govt. pilot model school and college6,7,8,9
PanchagarhDebigonjDebigonj aldini govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
PanchagarhDebigonjNripendra narayan govt. high school6,7,8,9
PanchagarhPanchagarh sadarPanchagarh b.p govt. high school6,7
PanchagarhPanchagarh sadarPanchagarh govt.girls’ high school6
PatuakhaliBauphalBauphal govt. model secondary school6,7,8,9
PatuakhaliDumkiLebukhali govt habibullah high school1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
PatuakhaliGolachipaGalachipa govt. model secondary school6
PatuakhaliMirzagonjSubidkhali rahman ishaque pilot secondary school6,9
PatuakhaliPatuakhali sadarPatuakhali govt. girls’ high school3,6,7,8,9
PatuakhaliPatuakhali sadarPatuakhali govt.jubilee high school3,6,7
PirojpurBhandariaBhandaria bandar govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
PirojpurKaukhaliGovt. k.g. union high school6,7,8,9
PirojpurKaukhaliS.b. govt. girls’ high school6,7,8
PirojpurMothbariaGovt. hatem ali girls’ high school6,7,8,9
PirojpurNazirpurSirajul haq govt. high school6,7,8,9
PirojpurPirojpur sadarPirojpur govt. girls’ high school3
PirojpurPirojpur sadarPirozpur govt. high school4,6
PirojpurZianagarSetara smriti govt. secondary girls’ school6,7,8,9
RajbariBaliakandiBaliakandi pilot girls high school6
RajbariGoalandaGoalanda naziruddin pilot govt. high school6
RajbariGoalandaGoalanda shahid sriti govt. girls’ high school6
RajbariKalukhaliRatandia rajanikanta model high school6
RajbariRajbari sadarRajbari govt. girls’ high school6
RajbariRajbari sadarRajbari govt. high school6
RajshahiBaghaআড়ানী মনোমোহিনী সরকারি উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়6,7,8
RajshahiBaghmaraVabaniganj govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
RajshahiBaghmaraVabaniganj govt. high school6,7,8,9
RajshahiBoaliaGovt. p n girls’ high school rajshahi3
RajshahiBoaliaRajshahi shikkha board govt. model school & college3
RajshahiCharghatSardah govt. pilot high school3,6
RajshahiGodagariGodagari govt. high school & college6
RajshahiMohanpurMohanpur govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
RajshahiMohanpurMohanpur govt. high school6,7,8,9
RajshahiPabaNaohata govt. high school6,7,8,9
RajshahiPuthiaPuthia p. n govt.high school .puthia. rajshahi6,9
RajshahiRajparaRajshahi govt. girls’ high school6
RajshahiRajshahi metropolitanGovt. laboratory high school3,6,7
RajshahiRajshahi metropolitanHazi muhammad mohsin govt. high school1,3,6
RajshahiRajshahi metropolitanRajshahi collegiate school3,6
RajshahiRajshahi metropolitanRajshahi govt. model school and college3,6,9
RajshahiRajshahi metropolitanSeroil govt. high school3,6
RajshahiTanoreMundumala govt. high school6
RangamatiBaghaichhariKachalong govt. high school6,7,8,9
RangamatiJurachhariVubon joy govt. high school6,7,8,9
RangamatiKaptaiNarangiri govt. high school6,7,8,9
RangamatiKowkhaliPowapara govt. model high school6,7,8,9
RangamatiRajasthaliRajashali taitangpara govt. high school6,7,8,9
RangamatiRangamati sadarRangamati govt. girls’ high school6,8,9
RangamatiRangamati sadarRangamati govt. high school6,7,9
RangpurBadargonjBadarganj govt girls high school6,7,8,9
RangpurMithapukurMithapukur model high school6
RangpurPirgonjPirgonj govt. high school6
RangpurRangpur sadarRangpur govt. girls’ high school3,9
RangpurRangpur sadarRangpur zilla school3
SatkhiraKaligonjGovt. kaliganj pilot model secondary school6,7,8,9
SatkhiraKolaroaKalaroa g.k.m.k.pilot model secondary school6,7,8,9
SatkhiraSatkhira sadarSatkhira govt. girls’ high school3,7,8,9
SatkhiraSatkhira sadarSatkhira govt. high school3
SatkhiraShamnagarNakipur govt. h.c pilot model secondary school6,9
SatkhiraTalaShahid ali ahammad govt. girls’ high school6
SatkhiraTalaTala b. de. govt. high school6
ShariatpurGoshairhatIdilpur pilot(model) high school6
ShariatpurJajiraZanjira mohar ali model high school6
ShariatpurNariaNaria biharilal govt. high school6
ShariatpurPalongPalong tulasar gurudas govt. high school6,7,8,9
ShariatpurPalongShariatpur govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
SherpurSherpur sadarSherpur govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
SherpurSherpur sadarSherpur govt. victoria academy3,4,5,6,7,8,9
SherpurSreebordiSreebordi mathurnath binodini pilot govt. girls’ high school6,7,8
SirajgonjBelkuchiSohagpur govt. s.k. pilot model high school6,7,8,9
SirajgonjKazipurKazipur a.m.u govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
SirajgonjSirajgonj sadarBonwary lal govt. high school,sirajgonj3,6
SirajgonjSirajgonj sadarSaleha ishaque govt. girls’ high school1,3,6,7,9
SirajgonjUllaparaUllapara merchants pilot government high school p6,7
SunamgonjBiswambarpurBishwambharpur govt. model high school6,9
SunamgonjChatakChhatak bohumukhi model high school6,7,8,9
SunamgonjDeraiDerai govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
SunamgonjDhakhin sunamgonjJoykalas ujanigaon rashadia govt. high school6,7,8,9
SunamgonjDhakhin sunamgonjPagla govt high school and coolage6,9
SunamgonjDowarabazarDowarabazar govt. model high school6,9
SunamgonjJagannathpurJagannathpur govt. girls’ high school6
SunamgonjJagannathpurSwarup chandra govt high school6
SunamgonjJamalgonjJamalgonj govt model high school6,8,9
SunamgonjShallaGobinda chandra govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
SunamgonjSunamgonj sadarGovt. jubilee high school3,6,9
SunamgonjTahirpurTahirpur govt. high school6
SylhetBalaganjBalaganj govt. dwaroka nath high school6
SylhetBianibazarPanchakhanda haragovinda govt. high school6,7
SylhetBishwanathRamsundar govt. agragami model high school6,7,8,9
SylhetCompanigonjCompanigonj thana sadar model high school6,7,9
SylhetDakhin surmaRebati raman govt. dipakkik high school6
SylhetGoainghatGowainghat govt. model high school6
SylhetJaintapurJaintapur govt. high school6
SylhetJakigonjJakigonj govt. girls’ high school6
SylhetJakigonjJakigonj govt. high school6,7,8,9
SylhetKanaighatKanaighat govt. high school6
SylhetOsmani nagarমঙ্গলচণ্ডী নিশিকান্ত সরকারি মডেল উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়6
SylhetSylhet sadarDakshin surma govt. high school6,9
SylhetSylhet sadarGovt.agrami girls’ high school3,6
SylhetSylhet sadarSylhet govt. high school, lakkatura6
SylhetSylhet sadarSylhet govt. model school & college6,9
SylhetSylhet sadarSylhet govt. pilot high school3,6
TangailBashailBashail gobindo pilot govt. high school6,8
TangailBhuapurBhuapur govt. pilot high school6
TangailDelduarDelduar syed abdul jabbar govt. high school6
TangailGhatailGhatail gano pilot high school6
TangailGopalpurSuti v.m. pilot model govt. high school6
TangailKalihatiKalihati r.s. govt. pilot high school6
TangailModhupurMadhupur rani bhabani model govt. high school6
TangailTangail sadarBindubashini govt. girls’ high school1,6
TangailTangail sadarBindubasini govt. boys’ high school6,8
TangailTangail sadarSantosh islamic university govt. girls’ high school6,8
ThakurgaonPirgonjPirganj banik govt. girls’ high school6
ThakurgaonRanishonkoilNekmord alimuddin govt. high school6,7,8,9
ThakurgaonRanishonkoilRanishankoil govt. girls’ high school6,7,8,9
ThakurgaonThakurgaon sadarThakurgaon govt. boys’ high school3
ThakurgaonThakurgaon sadarThakurgaon govt. girls’ high school3